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bare with me, this is a long one. i met him at work, his first day on the job i saw him and was immediately attracted to him. some friends that worked there had gone to school with him and told me he was handsome but as soon as he opened his mouth he was an idiot. i of course disagreed. him, 2 other girlfriends and i became very close. only to find out he was sleeping with one..after a month slept with the other, after a month, i was the next one. i know horrible! i must have did something to him because he grew attached to me, and we decided to take it further on to something much more than what it was. of course all good things come to an end, on my part, on a crazy partying spree his best friend approached and kissed me. he found out and we broke up. for 2 months we were apart. but because of work we started talking again and got back and then were happier than ever. of course the occasional fight called for him to throw it in my face. but we fell in love, and i was completely head over heels. swore myself to secrecy i wouldn't do anything to mess it up. remember he is quite the ladies man and has a reputation for being a player...6 months pass and from a friend i hear he had gotten his ex pregnant during the 2 months we were apart. i asked and of course he said...its probably not mine and she's lying i don't wanna be with her. i find texts in his phone. so i stuck it out. when the baby got here a month after it couldnt work, his family wanted him with her and he was with her. and when he wasn't happy he was calling me and i would give in. stupid on my part. but i was in love and left with a broken heart. that happened 6 times perhaps. the crazy thing is we have all the same friends so i run into him all the time. and!! HE'S NOT WITH HIS KIDS MOTHER. but he's having the time of his life with every girl on his block, and im no longer apart of his life. but i miss him everyday....i guess ill never know if his i love you words and you're the girl im gonna marry lines were real...


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