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There was this guy that I really liked. One day in 4th grade
he pushed me on the swing at recess,along with the other studs in my class. He was really nice, he talked to me every day at school,never mean,and defensive of me. Over summer break we didnt see eachother. When I got back to school we were all like "Yo brotha!" "Yo sista!" I really wanted to go out with him,but didnt want to ask him in person,so I asked one of my freinds to ask him for me. Of corse,HE wanted to ask ME out. Well he really didnt answer, but he kept smileing and waving at me and I always smiled and waved back. We passed in the hallyway at school and I gave him my e-mail. That night, right when I got home I got an e-mail. So we kept e-mailing eachother,like love notes. AAlmost a month later,I got this email. It said that he didnt think that our relationship was going ANYWHERE and we borke up...HE SUCKS NOW!


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