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still waiting for her

my name is f...
hey all girls i want 2 give u one advice bfore that just read out ma story......i was very bad, naughty use 2 talk bad but one day in my life 1 cute,smart and loving gal came i really love her and really want 2 spend ma life with her.......but the breaking news is she love a guy who never loves her truely and i know he is just playing with her, i explained her that u love that guy its good every 1 has its own choice but the guy never talks wih her properly insults her and still she loves her........wats wrong i cannot understand i really spend all the time with her but she niether showed any signs that she loved me and even i did not bcoz i am afraid that i said i will lose her and i do not want to lose her..i can do anything for her but she loves that guy, so i thing came 2 my mind that i can make a breakup of them but i realized that thats not good, i dont want 2 pull her i want 2 win her love so that i m still tring and seriously i neversleep whole night just thinking of her wat we did 2day,i meet her every day we talk,we play,we eat and do everything but only 1 thing i cannot do is 2 say her bcoz that is the biggest risk, and if she says no i will ????, i cares for u, calls u messages u,cook for u,enjoys with u pls come back in my life i really love u from my bottom of ma heart I love you for the way you call up just to say hi.I love you because you are my soul mate.I love you for the way you handle difficult situationsI love you for your honesty.I love you for your beautiful smile I love you for your hair I love you for the way you try to cook for me ilove u and i am still waithing for u.........and i will wait for u for ever.


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