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I can't get him off of my mind

For me, because i am only 13, most people think that I could not be that upset about breaking up with my Boyfriend, But I am. I loved him... I know i know, " you cant love someone till your married." That what everyone says right, well thats not true you can love someone when you really do, who knows when. Well My ew-boyfriend and I did lots together, and he was so fun and nice to me...I loved it. till he went to an FFA Dance.. When he came back He told me, that he had made out with 6 other girls, I was so mad, and at first I didnt beleive him...till the next day at school.. One of my friends had seen him doing it. I am not only mad that he did it, but just the night before on the phone we were talking about, what would make each other mad enough to break up, That was the number one thing. He would be mad If I made out with some one else but when he does, I thinks I am not going to be mad, He was wrong. But thats not all that made me mad, How he told me he had done that, he was happy about it...well..even though I have a new Boyfriend that I really like I still think about my ex, all the time...like how badly I wished we were still together..well Its never gonna happen...but I know i love him..I know because I cant get him off my mind... I even smell him every where... Thats the story of my ex and I and how he messed it up for the both of us. :( ):
Courtney Nichole


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