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Looking back..on everything. I can still remember every conversation..every touch..etc. Every now and then i still cry. I find myself still missing you.No were no longer together..but you were never really mine. We used to talk every day.I used to believe you really cared.Now we dont even talk.I trusted you.But you said goodbye.I wasnt what you wanted.I didnt fit in your plan. Im still living with your goodbye.But i know you will never read this..i'd like to see you again.Some days i miss your smile.Somedays i wish i could call you up..like old times.But i know i'd be wasting my time.And you said you just want to be friends.But when you over there..6,000 miles away..you promised me the world and you swore we were gonna be together when you got home.But the day you got back..you dropped me..you havent called..nothing. But i was prepared this time.I knew you would. No..i wasnt surprised. You broke my heart for the last time.Your actions told me what i am to you...nothing.You are NOT a man of your word. I hate myself for loving you.I hate myself for missing you.But i do..but i do. I'll always miss you. I forgive you; but i will never forget.You had your chance to be by my side. Just remember that.Next time you miss me.Next time you want to 'communicate' with me. Your a liar.A player.Unless she is completely stupid..she'll know it in time as well.I got wise.I opened up my eyes.


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