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The Ex Who Won't Go Away

My Ex and I were together for a year and a half. It was never the best relationship but then again, are they ever? I loved him and he loved me, typical. He was good looking and I wasn't; an insecurity which would later haunt me. We broke up when he just couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't the best girlfriend but I was slowly maturing and a wrong decision lead to us parting ways - or so I thought. I was positive that we were over or maybe I just assumed we were because the offenses and accusations were just ridiculous. I was ready to let go and he wasn't until one day I was ready to start over and asked if we were together. His answer was, I don't know. Time went by and I grew to dislike him very much. About two months after the unofficial breakup, I wrote him a long paragraph saying I hated him; he said he loved me. It hurt so much inside because deep down, I knew I loved him too. Once things in my life changed, I was ready to let go once and for all. If I wanted to go out with a guy, I was called a whore. If I had guy friends and was associating with them, I was said to be disloyal. Everything just turned into a blur. Here is a guy constantly offending me, telling me he hates me, confessing that my looks were always so unattractive and just plain horrible and yet, I couldn't associate with men. Eventually I couldn't even associate with males. For months I questioned my disability to even talk to guys. I was hurt inside yet so confused. I can't exactly say how long I've been dealing with this but it's been a while. You're probably thinking, why doesn't this girl stop talking to him? When someone has so much they can use against you, how can you even attempt to? Or better yet, if you still love the part in him that you met, how can you let go so easily? To date, I've had a few encounters or dates I've been on but nothing seems the same. I still talk to the ex who won't go away that so despicably offends me whenever we talk. Just know that I made toooo many mistakes in our relationship and that's haunted my present. Hope you can all learn something from this.


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