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The unfit trick from Mississip

Well,I met my fiancee 2 years ago in 06'.He told me that him and his baby mom broke up but,was still staying together.I gave him a chance and still dated him cause he said she cheated on him and he didn't want her anymore.So,it was times where me and him didn't even talk cause she wouldn't give him the phone so,she took me through hell she was even calling my house for him and following us to the room.I moved in with him Jan of 07 and she really went crazy and got jealous For along time I did feel like maybe he still wanted her but,he really wouldn't concerned about dat dirty foot mudd duck gutter ditch B**ch cause the dude she was with didn't want her for real he was just using her.She also hated the fact that her two boys she have with my fiancee adores me and they wasn't giving her attention like I was getting.She saw that her little childish tactics wouldn't work so,she did something that she knew would get his attention she kept his boys away from him for 5 months.You just don't know how much I wanted to beat her down and still do but,she's not worth it not yet anyway.I have to just understand she's desperate,messy,and lonely.And like they say misery loves company but,she want be getting mine or my man's company or that's when I'll have to gone give her the beat down I guess she have became a little happy because she don't really mess with us for real but, a women like me I be D**mn if I let a B**ch from Mississippi bar me to the curve I think not.But,you know what she have a reason to be mad and jealous cause he kicked her to the curve and he picked up him a Tall Bomb B***ch.Ya Heard Me.Ladies look out for a man's ex just remember you got'em and she just want'em but can't have'em until you're finished with'em which maybe neva.Her name if she reads this she know who she be the biggest B.


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