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So here i am.All alone..with nothing but this silence and all i can hear are my own thoughts.Im not ok.All the days seem to blur together.I still think of you every day.I still miss you more than ever.I cant help but with things were different.I just wish you would call.I miss your face.But its over now.Were done.You've made your choice..you didnt pick me.My friends dont understand me.I feel so lost.I shouldnt be the one who has trouble sleeping at night.I shouldnt be the one who wakes up crying.Every day i wake up, put on my makeup and pray for a miracle.It hurts so bad.Im a ghost.I dont fit into your plan.My heart is doing better.But i still cry sometimes.The memories come back and it still feels like yesterday..when i heard your laugh.When you kissed my lips, took my hand.Held me close..looked me in the eyes..and promised me you'd never leave.I'd give you another chance, but then you'd knock me back down.I was so tired of you building me up, then tearing me down.Then you act so innocent.I go places every day, but your still there in my thoughts.It still kills me..i hate myself b/c i just want you to hold me.Wipe away my tears..like you used to.But instead here i am..wishing you were holding me tonight.But i dont know where you are.Who knows what the future holds..but you've made your choice.I hope this is what you really want.But you will never find another girl who loves you more than me.Maybe someday you'll realize that you had a good girl in your life.All i have to show now is a broken heart covered in scars, and broken promises and memories.


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