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stupid lies

11 months we were together u controlled me everything i did had to be aproved by you i thought you loved me cuz u always said baby i love you i never wanna lose you but yet u raped and hit me and u were the first serious relationship i had i didn't know everything was a lie till i finally reached my breaking point i couldn't hide it anymore covering the bruises lieing to my friends why i cried alot why i wasn't myself anymore i finally realized this wasn't how love was supposed to be. i talked to a guy friend you told me i couldn't talk to cuz u were jealous of him of every guy i talked to. i told him everything he helped me realize u were the one doing wrong not me that this wasn't how relationships should be. he got me one of his single friends to talk to and i realized i needed to end it with you and get on with my life when i ended it with you. you snapped u threatened to kill me, my parents, and yourself. you told lies to the guy who liked me but they didn't work i'm over you know and your stupid little games i finally moved on and am happy with my life and my future husband i finally found what a real relationship is a good one not the one you had me in but a better one where i chose what i want and who i can talk to and everything.


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