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One year and two months.Thats how long we were together.You were my first love.I was blinded by my love for so long.I was warned about the flames but i couldnt see through the smoke.Now you are finally back home.And for the last time i let you build me up with words.You said you werent ready for a "steady" relationship.But i know the truth..now i can finally see who you really are.The guy i love..the guy who i could depend on..the guy i fell in love with..is gone.I dont know you anymore.And i can finally say baby stay..stay right where you are...i like it this way..its good for my heart..stay gone..im gonna be ok..as long as you stay gone.I still love you.And i will forever.I cant hide the truth.God..i never did anything to you.Now you goin around tryin to play the victim..your such a asshole.Just covering you own sorry ass.Now its hard to believe that once..we were happy..that once..i trusted you.And i never thought you would do this to me.But its called Karma..what goes around, comes around.And i want you to know that all the hell you put me through..all the tears i have cried.Everything you have put me through..has made me stronger! No more..its over! Someday..somehow the real truth will come out. How could you? lie to everyone.Tryin to make it look like im just crazy.Like im just making it all up.I've had enough.God..you told me you loved me..but now your telling them that i've made it all up.Oh i hope i see you...i hate you now.your gonna wanna come back someday..when your lonesome..and you want a good girl..but it wont be me.Oh you will realize what you've done.What you've thrown away.But by then it'll be to late.I'll already be gone.Moved on.


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