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I watched her fall.So blind.Such a beautiful girl.She was on top of the world.Until she fell in love with him.I tried to warn her.But love can be blind.He took the best of her.He would build her up just to watch her fall.She just might get over him..you cant ever tell.He broke her heart.He was killing her.I had to watch her..helpless..as she tried to put the pieces of her heart back together.She still cries.She is making progress.She loves him.She's got the face of an angel.But no one knows besides me how much pain she hides behind her smile.That boy got the best her.He cut her like a knife.A bad boy.He smokes, drinks, has tattoos.She cant be the only one.But when they first began.A long time ago.She was the other girl.He loved the other girl.But yet she loved him even when he loved another.I 've had to watch her cry herself to sleep.She so beautiful.She doesnt deserve this.She thought he was a wonderful guy.He cheated on her.Lied to her.She gave him love.All he gave her was deception.Now im helping her put the pieces back together.I wont let her give him any more chances to hurt her.She will be loved.


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