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i met him through a guy friend.he was introduced as the brother in law. we became friends and after a few years we started messing around. some people may view the friends with benefits relationship as a bad idea but i am very mature and am very open minded. he would have his girlfriends and i would have my boyfriends,and during those times we remained friends and nothing more. then our first problem occurred.he had a girlfriend that lived in the next town and when he would go to visit her she would immediatly leave.he stated that they never talked and that he knew that she was cheating on him with multiple guys.which wasn't a big suprise because she was only in her twenties with three kids from three different dads and several abortions on her record.he was going to break up with her but he could never get a hold of her because she avoided him.he was hangin out with me one night and he kissed me. i have to take the time out to explain my hatrid for cheating. i honestly believe ět is one of the worst things you could ever do. i dont tolerate ět to any degree.anyway i was aware that he was still technically in a relationship but i was conflicted.i decided that in this specific instance ět was alright to be intimate with him.we eventually started dating and that progressed to me living with him. my boyfriend and myself were very happy together and everything was going great.we made many sacrifices for each other and were happy for years.then he started becoming very distant which of course upsetted me.i confronted him about ět and he apologized and said he was very stressed out about work.things gradually got better until he had left his phone home on accident and ět rang. i answered and heard a females voice saying ět was a wrong number.the only thing was that the number was in his phonebook under a guys name! i immediatly knew something was'nt right and i changed the number to mine but kept the name the same.the next day i got a text saying meet him after work. well i went there and dumped his ass


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