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Is he confused about life or what

I dated a guy off and on for 4 1/2 years. We broke up all the time! I mean the 1st year we dated was fun, but after that, there were other girls. One girl worked with him.One day his friend and I ran into eachother and I told him I was dating someone else- 2 days later, he actually called me and he was soo pitiful on my voicemail. He apparently knew I was dating someone else. But I was dumb and ended things with the other guy to go back to him. Then, he broke up with me again on Valentines day (not even 3 months later) Then I went into a mental ward of a local hospital, and he and I didn't speak for a few months. Then, he would call me but he'd never ask me to hang out. We got back together again, and this time the respect was gone. No matter what happened, he and I fought. We grew apart, and then he would threaten to break up with me. I moved in with him and his mother, and it sucked. Every time he and I would get into it, his mom would hear..Talk about uncomfortable. Then, he broke up with me again and he moved to another state for ajob offer. He moved and left me behind. He continued to call me , while dating other girls in Kansas. I went and visited him and we slept together , he told me we'd eventually get back together. Then, as I drove home that night I had this sick feeling in my stomach. Then, a few weeks later he came to visit me and told me we had to talk. I was hoping that he'd ask me to be back together, but when he sat me down at the restaurant, he told me he'd met someone and that they'd been seeing each other for a few months..I cried hard. I told him I felt like a fool. Then, he told me he'd always love me...as a friend...
I was brokenhearted once again. He and I didn't speak for months, then I called him to ask how he and his girlfriend were doing. He told me that she had to be deported back to her country with her children. I thought it was great way to get my foot back in the door with him. But we didn't get back together. I mean, we've kind of kept in contact. Then he moved back here, until she came back from her country to -in the meantime, he dated some other girl who was like 9 years younger than him and was also not trying to be in something serious. But really, he told me he wanted to hang out. He told me he wasn't sure where things were going with them 2 becuse she wasn't back here. He thought she'd be back here by now. Well, she finally moved back and it wasn't the same between them. So they broke up and they still talk every now and then. He still talks to the young girl who didn't want to be in anything with him. And then, he still talks to me. But he has told me that based on the fact that he has been hurt, he can't be in a relationship with me right now. I feel like i am cleaning up for someone else's mess. I just want another chance ot be with him. The problem is that he has treated me like crap and it was recently valentine's day. He didn't ask to see me. I went up to his work and gave him a flower. Then I asked ot see him after work(which would've been late) and he said no.
I figure he's just not that into me anymore, but he keeps me around I guess in case there's nothing better or maybe ot pass the time until he finds someone else. I am so sad, and because I care about him, I can't walk away from him.. Help!! We have this history of heartbreak , yet there's love and passion still there too.


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