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heart breaker

My first real love started off with a boy..and a kiss. at the time i was going out with someone else so i broke it off to go with him. totally head over heels we made love and thats when things went down hill. I refused to go out with him becoz he was pressuring me so he hooked up with 3 chicks..started to call me a slut n threaten to hit me. then we patched up. we became bestmates but the fear of what he cud do held me back from leaving him more than anything.
later on he was goin out with someone and told me he loved me. i was angry and refused him then later confessed i loved him back...this was wen he decided he wanted to go out with my bestfriend n made my friendships fall apart with her. wouldnt stop touching me behind her back and it hurt me bcoz i was to scared to say no, while i had a bf....then i found out he tried to crack on to my other friend and then left her in the dirt.
Our relationship was unhealthy becoz we always had a competition who cud hurt eachother...but we always had eachother to fall back on. now its finally over and im free but...
He left us with a valuable lessons. friends come first before boys even if they are ur own bestmate.
He left me with a broken heart and a relationship thats not goin anywhere becoz the one i want is the one i fear more than anything.


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