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Stupid Boyfriend

me and my ex have been goin out for 3 months and some weeks i took his virginity and he took mine. He was always moody and somtimes he didnt feel like talkin to me and then we would argue and breakup, but he would always beg for me back and we would be happy together. But this time it was different he didnt call or text for a day or two and i complained and questioned about it and he got mad and cursed me and said he hasnt been attracted to me for the past 2 months. I was so confused and hurt because he said he loved me and all this time i thought he really liked me. He said he doesnt like my complaining and me questioning him and he said he doesnt like my weaves or my big forhead. I started to laugh a little because it was funny but i was so hurt...i jus wish he didnt take my virginity then it wouldnt be so hard to get over him


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