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Down right evil ex

my partner and i are to be married soon both for the second time..but it is his ex who is thr problem not mine..She had been 3 times before she married my N*** and is was after leaving her thrid husband that they met yp, she had 2 children already to two different men...but her ways to trap men were impressive..but also down right evil...she meets men...seduces them into her bed and lures them with her type of sex..after a while she manipulates her way to move in....after 6 months she knows she is entitled to a property settlement...then she just so happens to fall pregnant and is now legally entitled to alot more, then she suggests marriage...and once married with a baby she can now make a financial claim upon them and leaves files for property settlement and after a year divorce then moves onto someone else..but this woman is also into beastiality,,,fraud...the severest form of emotional abuse one has seen upon young children and yet the services do nothing...she is an alcholic..smokes all kinds of things...is bi sexual...but hides all these things from her "husbands" till they are divorced...we are due to marry later this year and is a sensitive time for both of us as she is a shocking trouble maker...but not the sort of woman anyone wants around...but this time we have both found happiness in each other and after being together for over 2 years find it is time to make it formal..and we can't wait..nor with the "ex" be getting an invite..!!!


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