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My current boyfriend has a problem saying goodbye to old ex's. His last girlfriend still contacts him. She wants to share birthday lunches, asks him to help her with her dying dog, keeps in touch with his mother, emails him about her daughter's upcoming marriage, and even asks him for favors. She has written him embarrassing letters about how she remembers how he thought she was pretty in her best negligee. Yuk. She is 15 years older and only 5 years younger than him Mom. She tried to force her company on us inviting herself on one of our dates. Some people just don't get it. She had her time with him. The bad thing was that he didn't seem to think there was a problem. I told him I was very uncomfortable with him having two girlfriends at the same party, and that if he needed her there to take me home. Make up your mind and don't lead on ex's. It's a real indication of how much you think of yourself and how little you care about hurting others.


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