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Shattered Glass

After all this time..there still isnt a day that goes by that i dont think of you.I still love you.That will never change.You were killing me slowly..i was falling apart.I would give.you would take.I would bend.You would break me down.I finally realized that i have been lying to myself for way to long.All this time i've spent staying by your side.Even when i knew you had other girls.But now im done.Lying to myself when its clear that your not the one.I was done.My heart was just fed up.I couldnt take your lying and cheating anymore.I hope she's worth it..i hope she's everything that i wasnt for you.I promise you will want me back. Someday your life is gonna fall apart..just like shattered glass..just like you broke my heart. Im gonna be there in the back of you mind.You havent felt the real pain yet..im waitin for it to sink in.That im really gone.She;ll never love you like i do.She'll never be half the girl i am.Its a shame.I was head over heels.Till you threw away us.First you were engaged to your ex when you told me you two were over!! I forgave you for that..THEN you cheated on me with a friend of mine at a party..and i had to hear it from my people i didnt even know! But now a year of putting up with you.Loving you despite the way you were treating me.Now im done.I'll be there in the back of your mind..your gonna think of me. Goodbye justin..i hope its all worth it.


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