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I am the crazy girlfriend

I loved him more than I loved myself.

I would die for him, even now. You never fully get over your first love, and I d**n sure haven't gotten over him. Even now, three and a half weeks after our breakup. Everyone expects me to be over him (even so soon after the end), but I'm not.

I still love him. I can't help myself. No one has ever in my lifetime made me feel so special, or so needed. I'm addicted to him.

I made a mistake. A big one. And I was just too jealous and wasn't thinking straight. Yes, I did try to break up that girl and her boyfriend. You know the one... The one you were fooling around with so soon after the end?

But no one understands my point of view. I mean... How can YOU so easily ask for me back, and hug me and take advantage of me and then move on so quickly? In only 5 days!

I was never jealous of the girls you talked to before. Only your ex-girlfriend, but I never DID anything. I believed you when you said you loved me, and I guess I was wrong.

I didn't stalk you after we broke up, and yeah it took that little incident to keep me from calling you. So, honestly, I don't know why all YOUR FRIENDS are calling me "So-and-so's crazy ex-girlfriend". I apologized to that girl and her boyfriend, AND I apologized to you! And yet I am being shunned!

If I'm any kind of crazy it's only because I lost the love of my life, am a confused horny teen, and all of my friends (who I now realize only talked to me because of you).

It's not fun. I hear so often, "That crazy psycho bitch", and "She's obsessed with him- I hear she stalks him"

Well I don't a**hole. Yeah, I still love you but I don't stalk you. I don't talk to you. So call your dogs off my trail.

I hear YOU say these things about me. And all I have to say to that is: If you felt that way, why did you continue to say, "I love you, I love you." Why would you say, "I don't care what others think I want to be with you always" Why did *I* have to break up with YOU to hear all this hatred you had towards me?

Well, despite how sad you're making me I'm still in love with you (you a**hole). And for the record I broke up with you in the heat of the moment. I had a bad week and it didn't really make me feel better that you thought I looked like a "ditzy retard".

I'm only crazy for still being in love with a **** like you.

And yeah, I do miss you. First boyfriend, first love. But HEY I guess "EVERYBODY" gets over their first love in a MONTH.


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