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MY High school sweet heart

Ok Heres my story...IT's long but trust me, its intresting!
I met him when we were in highschool 10th grade to be correct, through a mutual friend of ours. ofcourse being in highschool everything was fine, we held hands kissed u know the usual. I knew he was very flirtacious but that didnt bother me. a few months after we started dating He said "I love you", I didnt respond. Im a firm believer of not using the "L" word unless you mean it, but a few months later I found myself telling him I loved him back. He wasnt a virgin when we both met and it didnt bother me either, he states it was just a one time thing. But he knew i was a virgin. It took me a while to sleep with him, but i did...when we were in our sophmore year of highschool, i got into some trouble and was expelled from school for a year. We stayed together but right before it was time for me to go back to my old high school i came to find out he was ditching school with a bunch of his friends and he had made out with some girl he met at school after i had left. ofcourse he denied it, but that girl did everything possible to break us up. but it didnt work. I forgave him i mean i did love the guy and he swore nothing ever happened, and Me...I believed him. our whole senior year of highschool things were fine we fought like any other couple, but we would always make up. I knew his family and he knew mine, we were both very welcomed into them, before graduation he told me he wanted to join the military, and he asked if I would wait for him. He always thought that if he left i would end up cheating on him and leaving. [ I would never do that] I reasured him that I would wait for him as long as it took. a month after graduation he left..2 days before my 18th birthday, I was soo sad i couldnt eat all i wanted to do was sleep so i wouldnt think about him being gone. He would call every sunday just for 5 minutes at a time. i guess they were limited on time. but i loved hearing his voice. when it came time for his graduation my mom bought me a plaine ticket to go see him graduate with his platoon, and his mom went with me. and when i saw him after 5 long months i just wanted to go kiss him, but we couldnt until they were dissmissed. so i waited a little longer, they did a welcoming to the family members and when it was time to get to greet them we had to wait outside. there were soo many people there that it was impossible to spot him, but somehow I found him right when he saw me. he litteraly ran to me with the biggest smile he hugged his mom first and then he hugged me and gave me the kiss i had been waiting for. we flew back home together and everything was perfect. until he moved in with me. we lived together for a year and in that year he cheated on me with countless females...and one in particular got the gold meddal i guess u can say. he got arrested, my parents helped post bail and i was sitting there the whole time he was in jail waiting for him to get out. i thought all this time he would tell me he was with friends hanging out and he was with other girls. and then he would come home to me and make love to me... i was soo angry with myself..but we ended up breaking up. he was with that girl for a few months until he got bored of her I guess. He would call me at work and say I'll pick you up when u get off, and we would hang out...go out to eat and yeah we would have sex once in a while..so eventually we got back together. a few months later we break up...for no reason..after he totals my car, he breaks my heart again..this time he says i deserve better than him. and he leaves the country for some training with the military. when he gets back during christmas time he calls me up to go get him at the airport[ only because i had his car sence he totaled mine] i left school that day to get him, and we spent the day together i took him home and that was it. the next day was christmas eve and he says he needs his car..so i tell him fine come get it. and when he does he shows up at my house like nothing and walks straight into my room. he had bought me this beautiful brace let. and me being the stupid girl in love I fell for it. and we ended up sleeping together. afterwards he left, i felt so used. new years came around and he never called...i figured id just drop it. come to find out he was dating someone sence he left for training!! then I find out that the girl he had cheated on me with was PREGNANT! with his baby. i was devestated! when i confronted him about it he said it was none of my bussiness to ask questions! we didnt talk for months! but he broke up with his gf because she found out about out night on christmas eve and his baby's momma was causing drama with them. so he came back to me..I know u must be thinking what a dumb ass girl to be letting her back in after all hes done to her! but we never got back together...we were just like..."buddies" if u get my drift. later we just cut off all connections because he got together with her. but trust me thats not the end of it. in 2007 all through 2008 we always messed around "sexually" even though he IS with his baby's mom...i know its not right of me to do it but hey she did it to me! Karma's a bitch! anyway it was an on and off thing between us I dated guys and i went out...but he always managed to get back in my life..and run off my guys. Now..here's the worst part...
im currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with is baby...and hes with the other girl because he wont let him see their son if they arent together...
so in the end... a break up turned out to be a tie between us both for the rest of our lives...because now we have a baby on the way...who knew that this is what would happen...after being with him for 5 years in a relationship...to this day theres not one single day that goes by that i dont think ...what if we never broke up.


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