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One of my friends was dating this boy, and after they broke up, 3 months later he told me he liked me and i thought hmm maybe i should give him a chance i told my friend everything that was going on and she was okay with it until the day he asked me out. When he asked me out i had a panic attack and just said yes without thinking because i really liked this guy. For the first couple of months everything went well and I was glad i decided to date him but then i found out he was flirting with my bestfriend and she was flirting back with him, what a great friend eh.. on valentines day he told me he liked her and he said he was sorry but yet he loved me( i dont know how that worked out). But because i was madly in love with him i said okay i cried all thru valentines day and a week later everything went back to normal.After a month he went for a soccer tournment for the weekend and when he came back he told all his friends he did things with another girl and when it came to me he denied it and i went thru his phone and found her number i called her and said no many things to her, today shes one of my good friends, he never told her he had a gf and turns out he lied to everyone about doing shit with her. I was so fed up i decided to break up with him but he kept telling me how sorry he was and in one day he asked me to get back with him 18 times in one day not even joking! and i said i needed to think about things when i said yes he was really happy and in the first bit it seemed like he did change. He had this power in him somehow he could make everyone think he was right no matter how wrong he was and it would make me mad because my friends thought i did something wrong.finally summer break came and me and him became known as the cutiest couple ever but soon as we hit school again it all changed again other girls got involved in our relationship and behind my back he had a thing with his ex gf..and i knew he wasnt going to change and i had my hopes up for no reason so it was time to end it.I tried killing myself after him and it wasnt worth it. now im the one with all the guys and hes a single loser..in the end it was his loss and the friend and i are good friends again i guess i needed to learn my lesson its karma and now its coming for him. I fell so head over heels for him that i forgot about my friends and myself but now my life is amazing and me and my friend are just waiting for him get his pay back;) what can i saay its karma what goes around comes aroundd bitchh its yur turn:)


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