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He Cheated On Me While My Moth

When I met this man, he was charming, very handsome, everything I could possibly dream of having in my life. After our first date, I thought that would be the end of it, but he kept calling. I kept thinking, "this is heaven, I have got to be dreaming, should I pinch myself?" Five years later, and having both bonded the way a married couple would with each other's families (and his mom and grandmother adore me to this day), he cheated on me while my mom was in critical condition, and my family had been told she was going to pass away.
I so loved this man with all my heart, he took so much out of me emotionally when he cheated on me other times, but this time it was worse. I actually caught the witch at his house in the middle of the night. He was supposed to be in the bed sick, but he was sick allright! I can not put it in to words how much this man meant to me and then to find him with someone with a hateful, brute, coarse personality ... like this girl was towards me about being with the man I love --- it was as if she felt like she had been a victim. Yeah, RIGHT!
When my mom passed away, he never once called and said he was sorry about my mom, and he did not even call about my mom passing...not one phone call. Then, 2 weeks later, I found out the witch he married signed a warrant for my arrest because I took her car keys out of her car and hid them from here so my ex's grandmother would catch her at his grandmother's house in the middle of the night. My ex was staying with his grandmother because he was supposedly sick that night. She called the police when she could not find her keys, she filed a report, and then after knowing my fiancee of five years, the man I adored, loved and stood faithfully by for 5 years -- for less than a month, he married her. He and I had fought about his intentions in that respect many times, and then for him to do that. What a kick in the gut---and he did it the DAY AFTER MY MOTHER PASSED AWAY!! To top it all off, the witch even signed her warrant the day of the funeral. Yes, people, this one is very real.
I have recurring bad dreams about my mom passing away, and I could not dredge up the energy to cry for my mother's death because of the hurt I was so deeply overcome with. It has been 4 months since we broke up, but only 3 months since my mom died, and I am just now starting to be able to feel something again --- to feel physical pain when I cry about my mom. The hurt he put in my heart was unbearable at times, and then to know the attitude the skamp he was with had, it made it ten times worse.

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