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Okay. I am Sixteen and my EX-Boyfriend is 17. We were dating for almost four months. We met off of the internet and started dating as soon as we did. Everything was going great. We saw each other twice a month for a week at a time, and I was going to move in with him in April. Everything was perfect, I know it was early but he took me to find an engagement ring. I slept with him early because I felt I was in love. That I would spend the rest of my life with him. I had not had any previous Boyfriends, and I don't use the L word unless I truly mean it. But, anyway. The last time we spent together was for two weeks.

I had a week here with him, at my house. And a week at his.
In the second week he found out some stuff about his mother, and he was very.. whiney? He was always complaining, rude. Would rouse at me for no reason. I cooked his dinner, did their washing.. Everything. That night we were laying down he started to slap me on the lower back (just for fun) and I started to slap him on the stomach. I slapped him too hard and re-fractured his rib.

He had broke it before at a concert. He went to the doctors the next morning and I cleaned his room.
He came back and said he had to be bed ridden for three weeks for it to heal.
I suggested that I stay for a little longer so that I could be there for him, because whenever either of us were hurt or sick, we weren't there to support each other.
But he said no.. And then in my surprise said that he was sick of me.

Me, shocked, left the room and bawled my eyes out. Then came back and asked if he wanted to break up with me. He thought about it. Cried, and said he did. I got angry yet heartbroken.

I told him that he would never see me again.. etc etc. We spoke about it for about three hours. Then he left to go and see his mother.
He gave me a kiss, and a hug, and said he would be back. Didnt say goodbye..

Me.. I rang my mother. And she told me to come home. But I wanted to stay to just have that little extra time with him. So, I sat outside and waited in the wind.. for two hours.

I heard my phone and it was a text from him.
He said for me to pack my stuff and go.
That he didnt want me to be there when his mother came home so that she didnt have to deal with it too.
I ignored this message and then got another one 45 minutes later.

This one said that he was serious. He didnt regret anything and just wanted me to leave..
Me? I was four hours from home, at 6 o'clock at night.
So, I packed my stuff and went.
The guy at the ticket office paid for my ticket, I still look up to him for that.

I traveled home on my own on the train. And didn't get home till 11 pm at night.

Next night he rang and asked if I changed a few things. He would go out with me again.

These were little things, like being overprotective, etc.
So I said I would..

Few days later I find he is thinking of dating this other girl.. Then this other girl after her.. Then dated his other girl.. Haha.. in like.. 7 weeks.

I got abused because apparently some girl rang him and told him that I was pregnant.
And he didnt believe me.

But. this new girlfriend. They broke up.
And I got her number and rang her.

It seems that he had said that he didn't do anything with me, because I was filth.
I was untrustworthy, and shouldn't be listened too..

So, in turn, he lied to her about his virginity, took her's, and started the whole relationship with a lie.

I laughed, and she laughed. Because he was a sook. She saw him cry more than laugh.

But, anyway..
Ruined my life.
I was young, and still am..

But thought id submit it.

Only just now Ive met someone who is more amazing than anyone could ever be. <3


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