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me and my ex was somewhat good friends when he was living near by me. he would call me almost every night and tell me about the problems he was having with his gf, and i told him about the ones me and my bf was going through. it wasnt till 3yrs later when he poped back up in my life and started to call me again and ask if i had a boyfriend; i said "no", coming to think of it i think tha was the wrong answer to ever tell him. it gave him the courage and oppertunity to ask me how i think of him and do i look at him as a bf. me being a nice and not wanting to hurt his feelings i said "yes". BIG MISTAKE! he lived in "l.a:" (as so he said) and i lived miles away from him. we would talk all night on the phone tell one of us fall asleep. i didnt really like him but i figured maybe he'll grow on me. And so he did. he came down to visit with no money and no where to stay! but he managed to buy his own train ticket and to buy me a birthday gift. things was good, until... he ddesided to call ex girlfriends on my phone and having conversations with them, having one perticular girl pick him up every nitght taking him places buying him food, and them going out to parties. one day i desided to go out to eat with one of my guy friends who use to be one of my friends ex boyfriend. little to know my bf came up to the car as we were pulling up and he was with the other girl also, so i wasnt angry or nothing. he was though when we got home he was so mad that he started accusing me of things i didnt do. weeks went by and i was hanging out with the other guy a little more. my bf didnt know; UNTIL HE CAUGHT US KISSING IN HIS CAR! i was never sorry because i never had feelings for him. my boyfriend came all the way down from bakersfeild to come stay with me for my birthday weekend. but he wind up staying for 1 full month! omg day and night! i hated his voice, his face, his body, his everything! when he found out about me and the other guy he went and told my use to be friend about it and she got so mad that it started some drama! big drama! MIND YOU HE NEVER BROKE UP WITH ME WHEN HE FOUND OUT! so when he told her we were still together. talking bout having a girl as a boyfriend! come to think of it he was bestfriends with a gay guy! now me and mom hate his guts! glad that i kicked him out of my house and he went back to bakersfeid!


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