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I first started dating my ex back in the 9th grade... we dated for 2 years, but as friends were involved, so was drama. He was a jerk to everyone and made fun of everyone... friend or not. I was nice to everyone, so friends had stepped in telling me I needed to get rid of him, then it was rumors of him cheating on me. I figured if he could do it then so could I... so I cheated on him the first time by making out with a stranger... then I called him and laughed at him and told him about it. Next it was making out with another stranger in front of all of his friends... and calling him laughing and telling him. The last time was a weird situation... I had a good friend whose boyfriend she wanted to break up with... since he was dropping off some stuff to my house, I ended up breaking the news. I felt sorry for the guy... he was new to the area, and everyone including my boyfriend made fun of him so bad, there was times I would cry for him. Just for example, we were all out at a club... this odd guy decided to show off and do backflips on the dance floor, and my boyfriend at the time took his shoes and threw them in the trash can... which really hurt the weird guys feelings. After I broke the news to the guy he asked me over for dinner... I stated I didn't see a problem with it as my boyfriend was grounded. That night he took me upstairs to talk and we ended up messing around. As soon as I got home I called my boyfriend and told him, as I expected... he broke up with me. After some time passed we began talking as friends again, and it was kinda hard to avoid him as most of my friends were his friends. The weird guy ended up becoming my boyfriend, and not a very good one at that, as he became controlling and abusive physically. After a bad incident I called my ex and asked for his help (we are friends). He came over and we went to talk and we ended up messing around, after which he asked if we could get back together, and I agreed. The weird guy showed up and started getting rude with the ex and they ended up in a fight in which the weird guy left. I sent the ex that was now my current home before my parents got there. As soon as he left the psycho one showed back up and made me call the guy and dump him... so I did with no explanation. Time passed and I left the abusive ex after having one kid and being pregnant with the second. I had a big New Years Party and all of my old friends was there, including the ex. He started it off on a good foot walking up to me asking when I got so fat (remember I was pregnant at the time.) The entire evening went that way as his best friend tried to make moves on me. After I dropped them off that was the last I had heard from him for the next 10 years. In the meanwhile I had the baby, got a divorce, got remarried to a great man, and totally forgot about him, other than remembering the stupid things that he did, how rude he was, or that I was just plain mean to him. I got myspace and I looked him up to see how he was, he replied good and asked about me, so I explained how happy I was and that I finally found that special someone that made me happy. We didn't talk for sometime after that... like a year. Finally he got back in contact with me after my father passed away letting me know if I ever needed someone to talk to he would be there. I ignored the message, after some time I got another message telling me I looked the same... just a little heavier (which coming from him was a compliment)I replied back with a quick thanks... The next message was him asking me what I did with my whip (a picture taken when I was working at a haunted house the whip was my prop.) I ignored that message. Finally I contacted him regarding a new tattoo he had gotten, and we began chatting as we had tattoo's in common. My husband was a tattoo artist and my ex wanted to learn, so to make up the past I introduced them to each other as I remembered my ex was a pretty good artist. The first time they met the ex refused to shake my husbands hand, but gave me a huge hug... he claimed it was OCD. Everything went fine that night, I caught no vibes from him that would make me uncomfortable. The next time we hung out was a huge party my husband and I threw... and everyone was drunk to a stupor... if not passed out cold. At the end of the night the only people left standing was me, my ex, a gossip, and her husband. My ex asked for his keys back... to which I refused and told him to join the crowd and pull up a couch, or eat and sober up, I may have been drunk, but I'm a responsible drunk. He grabbed the belt loop on my pants and pulled me close, and began digging through my front pockets. I took the keys and hid them behind my back... and said sorry... but no. At this point he kissed me and grabbed the keys. I expected him to just leave after that, but he sat in a chair and pulled me on to his lap and began making out with me. I gestured towards the gossip and pulled my own chair over sitting just out of reach. He moved his chair closer and started rubbing on my upper thigh. We ended up messing around that night, even though I warned him my husband would hurt him if he ever found out. After it was all said and done we sat in my kitchen as he rubbed and kissed my feet. He began telling me that he felt I was always his and that even though he didn't talk to me he always knew what was going on in my life. He begged me not to tell my husband, and went on to tell me that he knew that I would tell and I would always throw him under the bus. In the meanwhile he called my husband, family, friends, ex's everyone names... he made fun of everyone to the point I couldn't stand it. The affair continued behind my husbands back for 2 months before I was tired of being blackmailed that he would get to my husband before I would, and that if he did... my husband would never take me back, even if he lied... my husband would believe him over me if it came out, and every time I made him mad he got one step closer to telling, even to the point that he told my husband he wanted to polish my rear. Finally I had had enough and broke down to tell my husband after a pregnancy test came back positive. At first I told my ex about it... and he told me to fall down a flight of stairs. Luckily... I didn't do that, but I did end up miscarrying into my third month. My husband and I are still together, and happier for each other than what we were before. My ex contacted me again asking about the baby... so I explained that his wish didn't come true, but he had nothing to worry about and how happy my husband and I are. I tell him that now that the drama is over that we can be friendly... to which he asked what I considered friendly. I needed to know what he was wanting, so I replied that we always start here but end up there. To which he asked me to meet up with him at a cheap motel. I have put him off for quite awhile, and even ran him off for a little bit, but he keeps coming back. When I asked him why he hadn't texted or im'ed me he told me he has a girlfriend and a one year old baby... to do the math, she was pregnant when he was messing around with me. This guy is truly a snake in the grass... but at least I know what I am looking for, these other poor girls don't. This time I will not forget who he is, and I feel sorry for no man... no matter how mean I was in the past.


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