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well it was homecoming day, and i was so excited about everything. me and my my boyfriend had broken up the day before because he had kissed another girl.and i couldn't get over that. so he wasn't my date anymore. so this guy, asked me to the dance.i hardly knew him, but i talk to him sometimes. we danced the whole time and toward the ending on the song 'forever', 'with you', and 'when you look me in the eyes' we were slow dancing and he kissed me a whole bunch of times. i'm like 'WOAH THIS GUY IS SO MUCH BETTER.' and then the next day i went to the mall, he was there too with his friend, &another friend. i went with my best friend, and she always told me 'GO OUT WITH HIM!' they even tried to get us together. but he said no because i was a little bit taller than him. so we went to the movies, and we were making out hardcore. sharing candy in our mouth and all that. then till this day, he hasn't said a word to me. i'll look at him in the hall way, and he'll turn away. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT? now he's going out with my other best friend, using her to make out too!


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