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Navy Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I had the most wonderful relationship. I thought for sure he was the one, the one i would marry, have my children with and live with forever. I always knew that my love was stronger than his. We spent everyday for four months together. When i met him he was enlisted in the Navy. I never really thought much of it until August 26th came, the day before he was shipped off. We were both scared of what would happen, god i can't even explain how i felt that night. I told him i would always be by his side and i would always be there for him. He just agreed but for some reason couldn't say anything back. He said he wouldnt go out looking for anyone, but he didnt know what would happen. I was so heartbroken. I waited 2 months with no contact but 7 day old letters that felt like forever to recieve. And all the news was old and i missed him so much. He realized how much i meant to him and when i went to go see him at graduation i was so happy to see him. After three days of seeing him he got shipped to Connecticut. I didn't see him for 3 months. It just reassured me that he really was the one and when he would come home for christmas we would get engaged. Except, when he came home we weren't together. The navy ruined our relationship, the distance was just too much to take. I love him so much and i miss him so much. All i do is cry, and now he's home and i saw him today for the first time at the mall. He walked up to me and gave me a hug like nothing was wrong. I walked with him back to his truck when he was ready to leave, the whole time all i wanted was to make up and tell him how sorry i was for everything but the words wouldnt come out and i was so upset and confused. I kissed him goodbye and walked to my car crying the whole way there. It was such a bad idea seeing him because now i miss him even more and i know there is no way we will ever work out again. We can't stand being away from each other and until he's out of the navy in four years or more, there's no chance for us. It breaks my heart and i know its breaking his


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