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Cheated then dumped! OMG!

"Oh I think we should umm rewind a little" ---Yup that was my ex... All of this started with me having to go visit family for Thanksgiving. My Bf(ex now, il call him bob) and I were at the park all of the sudden my mother comes and tells me to go with her its important! Well i say goodbye to bob with a quick kiss... turns out my mom took me all the way 400 miles up north from where we live I'd be gone for the whole week! The first couple of nights i called bob telling him how much i missed him and loved him he always said me too... every day after i kept losing him more and more... until then on 11-29-08 I call him and these weird girls answered i can tell they were preppy by their talk... I know bob didn't have any preppy friends or atleast i thought.. an hour later he called sayin That it was his Aunt then later it was his cousin then his brother(in the background i heard those girls im not dumb so i went to bed... the next morning he says that he was to re-do our relationship again(as in dump me) I cried for half hour... then he calls and says Im sorry babe i gotta get this out of my head i cheated on you last night... OMG!!! i will always hate that day (11-30-08) I loved him and he cheated on me with whores from another state!


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