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How do you sleep?

Its been a year now.Ain't seen or heard from you. I still miss you like crazy.Tried to move on.but i find myself lying all alone at night.Dont you miss me? Havent you wondered about me? I remember all those nights you would hold me till the sun came through the windows.You told me you would never say goodbye.you took my breath.I dont know how i've survived.But i dont even care.I just want to feel alive again.Somebody come and wake me up.At the end of the day, im still so lonely. How do you sleep? You gotta be feelin crazy.How can you just forget about me? How do you sleep? Didnt you know how much i loved you? You were my best friend.Then you broke my heart. We used to speak everyday.Now we dont even talk at all.Its just to bad. How do you sleep?


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