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I met this guy at work. we were very cool friends and i was in a long distance, troublesome relationship with another guy then. well, then eventualy i broke up with the former and a few months later started dating this friend. in just about 2 months he joined a business school for further studies and i travelled to europe for work. we maintained our relationship, long distance. he was always with the same girl in all the pictures of his school that he sent me. I qiestioned and he always said they were just 'friends'. eventually when he graduated and I travelled back to homeland, I found out an email from her to my Ex which I am pasting below:

dnt have much to say...rather dnt want to waste myself on u anymore..
jus realised that u continue to delete my mails ..n belittle my love for u..while i like a fool obeyed your instrcutions of sendin u mails on yahoo.
good that u re away..that makes it easier for me to get over you. u live your life n i ll happily live mine frm this moment onwards.
i m stronger ...much stronger than u left me..

so, after this I was ahttered, because he had obviously deleted the rest of her emails. I broke up with him. and now am doing my MBA in one of the best schools in US. Anyway, to date he doesn't confess to cheating on me.


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