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Long Goodbye

So its come down to this..this is who i am now. i feel like im stuck..i dont know why im not falling apart like i usually do.I smile and laugh at all the right times but i dont feel a thing. All i feel is..nothing. You are gone..but the damage you left is still haunting me. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. Its just i've cried so much. I almost wish i was in pain. But i cant lie. This time..i feel nothing. I need something to make me feel alive. I have never felt like this way for anyone before. Its been a year. I remember that night..all those weeks ago when you told me that you were done. And i swear a part of me died that night..i feel incomplete..like now im missing a big piece. I feel so cold. I cant explain it. Im tired and im numb. I was warned about you. But i didnt listen. i walk down the street and i see you in a strangers face. And for a second i cant breathe. I know i will always love you. My heart will never be able to forget you. You will never know how bad i wanted you to be the one. Now i know its not meant to be. Somebody tell me why..i feel better without him. But i dont FEEL happiness,love,joy,nothing. He was the only light in my dark world. He was the only one who never failed to make me smile. Now that light is gone. Im waiting in the dark, waiting for someone to come along.For someone to put the light back in my eyes.Someone to make me feel alive again. Explain to me why i feel so hollow..even though i know im better off without you. I feel nothing. Your still haunting me.


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