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My whole heart

This is a very long story but I just have to get it off my head. I'm still totally in love with my ex boyfriend. I just can't get him out of my head. Let's start from the begining, We started out as best friends. He started having relationship problems and so did I, so we were there for each other. Then one night we were texting and admitted to each other that are feelings were starting to change and we wanted to hook up. We broke up with our current partners and they were furious. So we decided to wait, and after about a week of all the drama we said screw what everyone thinks, we know we were meant to be. We got together and the first few weeks were the best weeks of my life, he treated me like a Queen, and nothing less then perfect. Then he started ditching me for his friends and being dishonest with me. I ended it with him, but he begged for forgiveness so I said, what the heck, let's try it again. So we got back together, after about a month we confessed that we loved each other like no other and never wanted to split up. We planned out our whole future, from where we were going to live and how many kids we were going to have, plus their names. After awhile he started to change again, i ended and then he begged for me back again and said he promised to treat me right this time, so we got back together. We dated for about 4 more months or so and I ended it because he was always yelling at me about everything. I thought we would end up getting back together but we never did. We talked for awhile and then we had a huge fight and decided we were done for good.

I gave him my whole heart, I was faithful, and he was the first guy I ever loved.

The thing is, I have a boyfriend now but I think I'm still madly in love with my ex as wrong as it sounds. I have no idea what to do. I know me and my ex are done for good, and I have no idea why I love him still but I do. He's a liar,he has anger problems, hes a high school drop out, and hes something else I don't want to mention.

If you read this, please email me for advice.


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