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Lost a stone in one week

right here we go...met my ex girlfriend wen i was 15, we spoke on online for 2months all day stayin up till 3am most nights...she lived about a mile away frm me so i fort it wud not wrk..then 1 day i met up wif her and we got together...she was my first and i was hers she told me loved me just b4 i wen on holiday , wen i arrived she wudnt see me and told me she hasnt seen me for 2 weeks she cant bring her self to see me :(..we wrked things out and was fine..2months l8a she was introduced to my friends and started cryin about sum boy cheated on her b4 which i didnt no about :S...showed herself right up..6 months in i left her cos she was so childish..and she was callin me cryin so i got wiv her cos i felt sorry for her...wot a big mistake !....every moonth after that she wud finsh wiv me for reason such as i wudnt sleep dwn her house and all sorts...i grew to love her so much treated wif respect and neva eva flirted wiv any1 for 3 yrs !..after year and a half 2geva she split up wif me 12 times..we went on holiday jus me and her and my friend and his gf...it was amazin we clicked so much..but b4 i went away i was ill in hospital wiv liver problems and i cudnt tell her cos i fort she leave me..guess what she did ! but i took her back..while on holiday i didnt drink so she split up wiv me !...so i told her the docs sed i cud hav liver failure but didnt tell her cos she wud leave me..took her bak and had amazin holiday..after the holiday she was still tellin me she loved me everyday...i wen clubin wif my friends and she was ther 2 but cudnt get into the clubs so she sed come home wif me..but i was really lookin forward to this night and sed no...so we wen in a taxi wif her friend txted me sayin its over ! by the way everytime she finshed wif me it was by txt or online..i took her bak but sed to stop doin wot she is doin and she sed she has grown up and will change for good...through the 3 yrs 2geva i took her out everywher payed for everything...she always say she was lucky to hav me and i knew it...she started to out alot wif her firneds clubiin which btw have no respect for themselfs..i wud worry bcos i didnt want her turnin out like them but trusted her 100 %..day b4 halloween she txted me ssayin its over..i was gutted bcos this time i new it was for gd..by now she wen out clubin 3 nights a week..we kept seein each other and she wud shout at me i dont want to be wiv you !...i was shocked by how she jus spoke to me even tho she was always like it..she was dwn my house and wen on her facebook but left it on wiv out noin...so wen she left i wen to turn the pc off but noticed people talkin 2 her..this boy was sayin y arent u txtin me :S i was wots all this about...next day i wen out to the club only a week we hav been split and she was there..infornt of me i saw her all over diffrent boys and she knew i was ther..i was so upset i ended up fightin which is not like me at all..she denied it and i wen home wif her ..she kissed me and wen to sleep even tho she made out we was goin to hav makeup sex..in the mornin i wen home and she was like im not kissin you no more cos its not fair..so i accpected tha..2 days l8a i was dwnmy firneds and confronted her about that boy she was txtin bcos it was while we was 2geva..she sed they was jus friends nuffin happend and hung up and wen clubbin...that night 3 of my close friends were out and saw her all ova boys agen so they rung me...in the mornin she rang actin normal and i confronted her she denied it and sed my friends were lying so i beileved her..a few days l8a i sed to her i dnt wan to speak to her nomore and not be firneds bcos it was gettin tome the storys...she was cryin and cryin..the next day i passed my drivin test and i told her..we arranged to meet the next day cos she was goin clubbin agen..that next night she started kissin me...for 2 weeks she was sayin ilove you and we will sort things out and i beileved her...it was now a month since we split but was stil seein each other and sleepin 2geva..then the next night all my firneds and hers were goin to the same club but i forgot my i.d and cudnt get in...3am i get a phone call cos i was home in bed wiv my friend tellin me she was tryin to wiv him so he pushed her and she hit him 10 times in the face..in the mornin she rang me sayin she was pushed by him for no reason :S so she hit him..we carryed on seein each other but then she jus stopped ringin me..i tryed gettin hold of her but no luck then i seen her in town and she didnt tell me...i no we r not 2geva but we was goin to get bak...she saw me but inored me..few days l8a she rang out of no wher sayin pikme up frm wrk so i did...in the car then i sed to her tellme the truth and she sed uffin has happend and we r on course to gettin togeva...she told me that she does dance wif boys but dosnt kiss them or sleep wif them so i was like ok then..2 days l8a she sed come to her house so i did but i new sumthin was not right..she wen dwn stairs and i was still in her room..i saw her phone and fort i needed to look trought this cos 3yrs 2geva is a long time..i wen on her phone and she had 6 other guys numbas abnd txtin the aarangin to sleep wif them all on diffrent nights...i was fumin...i confronted her infront of every1 bcos i cudnt hide the feelins...she jus laughed in my face and sed i dnt care im not wiv you no more...she made out to me for 3 yrs she was not hat girl and she wanted to marry me and everything...i had to cancel the trip to paris i paid for and was goin to surprise her on her bday..but she told me she dnt care...so i left the house and havnt spoken to her for ova aweek...on her facebook she has got on ther she rekons all men r a waste of time and h8s them...and was makin fun of me online bcos how upset i was through the whole break up...she new i cudnt eat proberly and lost a whole stone in weight in just 4 weeks...but used and lied to me so she cud fall bak on wen shes dun wif all the diffrent boys...not once did i cheat or look at any other girl for 3 yrs but i no she did wen i was wiv her...now she was bcum like her friends and thinks its funny...all my friends warned me about her but i did not listen
i am heart broken and feel useless and ugly even tho im not but i think she is involed with 4 other boys now and we been split up for 5weeks ...didnt take her long did it even after she sed we will be 2geva soon...and the way she treatedme threw out the realtionship but still i took her bak...just hope sum1 realises that wen u got sum1 you love dnt let go :(...thanks for reading and sorry to go on


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