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A total slimeball

We dated a few months and I fell in love with him. He said he was 'madly in love' with me. However, it turns out that all along he was (a) arranging on the internet for a Russian woman to come and live with him and (b) cheating on me with his ex. We split up when I found out about the Russian woman and then he went back to his ex for two weeks. It didn't work out with them, so he asked me back out a few weeks later (when I was just starting to get over him). Stupidly, I said yes (I did not know about the cheating). This time he dumped me after 3 days (during which time he did not see me or return my calls anyway) because his ex was unhappy about our being together. He then sent me emails saying that he stil loved me and hadn't wanted to split up - he just thought it was for the best until he had sorted things out with his ex. A week later he emailed to tell me he was moving back in with his ex (and she emailed me to tell me to keep away and that they had been cheating on me). After lots of emails asking to still be my friend(!) he sent my stuff back, cut to shreds - by her, presumably - with a letter admitting the cheating. At no point did he even apologise. A total slimeball.


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