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Once a cheater

We met 12 months ago. He came into my life out of the blue. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. I wasnt looking for anyone. He swept me off my feet. I got lost in his eyes.I never had a chance. He is a few years older than me. And in the national guard.He's currently in Baghdad right now. I was head over heels for him. He was my first love. And my fist broken heart. I didnt plan to fall in love with him, and i told myself that i wasnt going to. Because he had a girlfriend at the time. But i did. and i payed for it. He did break up with his gf and we were together for a long time. But he just kept lieng to me. Cheating on me.Using me as his ego boost. This summer i went with some freinds to new orleans, i ran..i tried to get as far away as i could from him. I tried to run from my pain. He went back to his base. We didnt speak at all for 3 months.Then we started to speak again. I gave him a second chance. HE basically did what he did before all over again. I was soo in love with him. It was like he took over me. But i broke things off for good..about 2 weeks ago. I didnt fall apart like i did before. He was engaged to his ex, while we were still together! i was sick of being the last to know the truth. I loved him so much. Soo much. He slept with one of my friends at a party. When he told me earlier that day that he was tired and going home to sleep, and that his phone would be off. Then i go to school and hear people talking about it. But its ok..because i've got my pride. He's gonna miss me someday.Im already gone..moving on. Oh its a shame. I will always care for him. But i know that once a cheater..always a cheater. Ha! She better just wait..she's gonna know in time. When he's done with her.


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