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Four years of headaches and heartaches

I was with my ex for four years. When I met him, he was 400lbs and depressed and we were just friends. Later on, he became motivated to lose weight as he became interested in me. All was great until he got a computer and went on webcams and flirted with a particular girl. Then we tried to patch things up. We never lived together and then even told me we never would. Just this year, he got a part-time job working Fridays and Saturdays as a bouncer in a bar. He would stay after hours until 7am...I was suspicious. He was acting strange. He didn't have any telephone since July 2004 and then he decided to get a cell phone in mid-december. One day, I went to pick him up and just before he got in the car, he hung up with whomever he was chatting with and then when he got in the car, he claimed he was talking to his uncle. That day, he was acting happy about something and I suspected another woman. He is a liar and each time I suspected him of infidelity, he resorted to calling me the most nastiest names that I cannot even describe. One night, sure enough, he put himself as "away" on MSN...so I called his cell at 2:30am and he picked up the call...however, he tried to sound as if I woke him up when he wasn't even home. I went back online and msged him and never responded. Then the following day when I told him my assumption of him not being home the previous night, he said I have no morals, no heart, and that I am insecure to a point of being mentally disturbed! I had left something at his place a few days prior to all of this...and he didn't want me to go over and pick it up. Instead, he paid a taxi to deliver my belongings to my friend's place. He said he didn't want to see anyone as an excuse. In four years of knowing him, he never did this to me. We are no longer and item and I am so glad because my inner feeling does not lie to me. Do you think he is guilty of something or am I just plain mental?

Four years of headaches and heartache! I hope he gets what he deserves!

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