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So stupid

There's this guy I've known not even for a month, then he wants me to be his girl. Eventhough I didn't have feelings for him back then, I agree 'cause that time I just broke up with my ex and I was feeling lonely.
The first few months were going really well. But then about four months after that it was starting to get really bad. I mean he lied to me a few times and started to control me and I don't like to be control. I started to hate him and do things that annoys him, I mean it wasn't my fault, he started it.
And there was one time when I checked his text messages, there was one from his ex and it was kinda like this "hey, will you stop calling me 'baby' , it's over between us, you have a gf and i have a bf so just stop whatever that is between us okay." of course I was shocked and later questioned him about it, he innocently said that 'baby' is her nickname, and I was like wtf?? If thats her nickname, then why would she want you to stop calling her that. I wasn't that stupid ya know. I hated arguing with him so I just let it drop. then there's this other time when we were on the phone, we really didn't talk much, I didn't feel like talking to him, and there was silence then finally he said he started smoking again, I was furious 'cause he promised to stop smoking. Then the next few months, i had enough and wanted a break up, he didn't want to leave me, but i don't care anymore. he was miserable for then next few months but it was worth it. Now he's dating a friend of mine, so stupid. But i don't like her anyways.


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