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Waterfall of tears

well let me tell you about my jerk "ex-boyf" ima put that in quotation ill tell you later why.well it started at the age 16 when i had r had broken up with my very 1st boyfriend i was realy realy sad and couldnt stop crying i got into sports latter on thats when the whole mess begins me and my best friend (A) did this sport together and it was around spring break when i had asked her to call me up so we can chat. so (a) finally calls me and we start talking but she seemed not to be paying any attention at all so i was like hello i relized she was talking to someone else well she was asking me a whole bunch of question but it wasnt coming from her it was coming from somone in the backround it was some guy she finally past the guy to me he had asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend and i had said i dont know ,he asked me why and my responce was " i dont think i can deal with a nother guy besides i barly know you " then he said he was lonly we stoped talking he had told me that he was going to call me later so i was watching tv when sudenly "ring ring" i got up and raced to the phone i was so exited i had a wiered sensation in my stomach and i was so nervouse we talked and and where asking more questions the more i talked to him the more my heart beeded his voice just cought me up i was in some lala land he told me his name (S) i told him mines so after a long conversation with eachother he told me he was going to take me out somewhere i had said no but then actually fell for him and said yes . like about 1 day past and we where going to meat echother and he came picked me up and i was so scared and nervouse i was silent he kept smiling and eventually smile i couldnt help it (im not gunnah say the location of the place)but we went out and walked around looking at stuff he bought me a drink so after that he took me to his place "BIG MASTAKE" i was so stupid one thing u shouldnt do on the first date is got to his place when u barly know the person u never know what may happen he parked his in his garage and suddenly he gave me a kiss i had the most scary but good sensation racing through my body i was scared but glad i had butterflies in my stomach but also goosbumps when he stoped i had said "wow"
ha. we went inside and so did i we chilled for a bit and talked some more when their he goes again with the kiss at this point i was feeling scared cuz i had felt things where going so fast! so i kinda paniced i relaxed a little the stupid mastake was to sit on his bed he had sat next to me and we just started making out boy was i terrified but sence i couldnt help it my stupid self fell for his charm and kachow! it happened after tha he was extreamly nice to me i could remember feeling so great just being around him. i was laying next to him and i felt so warm and happy.he then took me home and gave me a kiss goodbye.he would call me everyday then he had came over myplace he would tell lots of wonderfull things and ofcourse as a dumb girl i balieved it all.i was noticing the pattern ( i forgot to tell you my age i was 18) he was calling me less one thing i hated doing was
saying i love you he would ask me over and over and over did i love him and ugh! i said yes! he would never say it at all i would feel so bad i had introduced him to my friends and he would have long convo with one of my friends (L) i didnt feel jelouse at all i was ok with it because i was pretty sure my friends wouldt be flirty they all left and me and him went out somewhere he would hold my hand and i remeber when we would go up the escalaters from the store he would kiss me. i would talk to (L) alot and she would be so nice and say good things about us but little did i know what was going on. when me and him would talk the conversation was so bleah! i would allways feel bad and emotionaly depresed i felt that everytime we argues it was my fault .i would tell him about how i was feeling and he would never ask and i felt he never cared at all i could feel the coldness between us.then one day we went to the park that was realy close to where i lived and he started saying strange things to me and he had said if me and him could be just friends. i felt my heart fall right out of my mouth the tears ran down my cheeks a hudge waterfall of tears came down i couldnt stop crying .he broke it down to me and told me what was going on
and of course my best friend (L) was involved .i decided one day to confront her about the situation and she seem to laugh because she didnt care what so ever she was like u know what i dont care u guys never went out. the words shoked me i found out from other friends that he was deniying everything he had told people that we didnt go out that we where just friends . out of fustration i cryed it was ont of the worst things that could happen to me my other friend (A)the one who was in sports with me well the thing is the guy that i was dating was one of her friend that she had known for a long time she never understood me and kept putting me down i got so mad at her but let it go the pan slowly would fade away it took a heck load of time it wasnt easy for me once in a while i would think about it everytime i would see couples around i would smile to my self but on the inside i could feel the cold rush i cared so much for him and in the end got nothing but a hear ache .right know i live my life pretty good i love all my friends and thank them so much for bing their for me im currently single but very much happy indeed i decided to take time off and have more fun!

ps. didnt mean for the long story
i didnt add so much detail just for future reference
i added just some but balieve me if u hard the detaile version it is so much worse.


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