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Filthy stinking dog

I met my husband while I was dancing in a gentlemans club. There was steady flirting going on for about a month or two before we actually met outside the club. At first it was nothing but sex and then eventually he moved in with me and we started to date. When I ask him for the rent for the first month he lived with me he gave me a check, ok fine. So I go to cash the check at his bank and they tell me that he had insufficient funds. I talk to him and he tells me that he just deposited his paycheck in the bank and that the check he gave me should clear soon. So me, being a dumbass, deposit his check in my account and a week later I get a letter from my bank telling me they were shutting down my account. Turns out that he was involved with some drug dealer and his account was frozen and the FBI was searching for him! All my money disappears from my account and I get evicted from my apartment.

After being kicked out of MY apartment, I ended up moving back with my parents and he was staying with a friend. Well, the same night we moved out he takes me out to a local bar. This is the same bar where I had NUMEROUS run ins with his crazy ex. Well, him and I were at the bar having a good time and guess who walks in....the crazy ex. He freaks and tells ME to leave....WTF? A real man would want to be with his girl....in my opinion. I ended up leaving, and come back later to find him and his ex all chummy together....Then she follows him to his friends house and I find them together talking in his truck. He freaks out at ME and tells ME to leave again....if you want to be with the girl then just say something.....but yes, I left again.

So a few months go by and I still stay with him....stupid, I know....and I get pregnant. Well, the same night I tell him he goes out and leaves to hang out with his friends. We had a second apartment at this time and I was worried the whole time thinking my unborn child would not have a father. I was working full time but was not making any money at all. This went on the whole pregnancy. He would be out 5 days a week and wouldn't come home. I have our daughter, he straightens up and we get married. BIG MISTAKE! Two days after the wedding I find out I am pregnant again and the week after our wedding he is going out all night again and not coming home until the next day or sometimes even the next night.

Well, this time we both had myspace pages. One thing that really stood out to me is that he had lots of female friends that I never heard of or met before. Ok, whatever. So this one girl really stood out though, she was constantly leaving him inappropriate comments and saying things that really made me upset. So being the nosy wife I am, I hack into his myspace and read his messages.There were A LOT of messages from this girl. Talking about booty calls, calling each other pet names, and she even posted pics of him on HER page. So I'm freaking out right about now but still do not say anything. Then one night he asks me to hand him his phone and as soon as I grab it a text pops up. Now, he was never the one to text all the time but around that time it was really odd because he was checking his phone every 5 minutes it seemed like. So I open it up and its from some person, but the name was not stored....just two letters. So it says 'Babe I want to go to the strip club this weekend to get a job and buy some heels'. Now at this time I was 6 months pregnant and my hormones were raging. I freaked out on him. So he lies to my face and tells me it was one of his guy friends. I tell him to call the number and he refuses. I start packing up my stuff to leave and he calls the number and walks out the room. I grab the phone and its the myspace girl! I freak out on her for talking to a married man like that and she laughs at me. So then I start to calm down and try to talk to him and he still kept on lying to me. Now, I know I should have left right then but I had a young child and was pregnant with my second and had no money and nowhere to go. So months go by, I give birth to my second child and the SAME night I was in labor he was on the phone with his ex in the hallway...what kind of man does that? Then, the day I get discharged I walk past the computer only to find that he had been talking to his ex on myspace and that same female that texted him about the strip club! All the same night I was in the hospital!!! I didnt say anything.

Then, a couple of more months pass by and this female messages me on myspace telling me that she was sleeping with him and got pregnant by him. Now, I am so confused at this moment that I had no idea what to do. I pick him up from work and show him the message she sent me. He keeps denying it and I dont know what to believe. I checked his phone records and he had been calling that girl......all hours of the day and night and when he was gone....so what am I supposed to believe. What a filty stinking dog!


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