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I couldn't cry

I knew my ex since I was 13 and only started to date him when I was 15. He was then 17. Basically, he had been hitting over me for ages when we were friends and I finally decided to take him as my boyfriend when I became frustrated with a boy I had a crush on. Initially, my objective was only to make the boy I had a crush on jealous by dating my ex. It took a turn after a moment.

I started to care for him, like a lot. He wasn't the best guy I ever met. He had his own porn videos and stuff. I was stupid to think that I could ever give him a chance to repent. He told one of my female senior, which is a friend, that he never liked me but instead, he was in love with her sister! I felt so fucked-up that I swore I was not going to see him ever again.

We were from different school, you see. So one day, he surprised everyone by coming to my school just to explain everything after my friend told me about what he said. I tried to run away but he got in front of the school gate. He even hugged me to make me change my mind being set on him but I pushed him gently and had second thoughts about him. This was when the whole drama starts.

We continued dating on and off. He dumped everytime when he felt like it. He didn't return my calls, my text messages, even my feelings. He lied and was unfaithful. I heard him with another girl when I was away. We never had sex, just few kisses. A I was very upset but I still kept it on hold. After one year, it all ended up. He brought me to this so-called date. Before I went home, he gave me a letter, like so classic and sissy. He asked for a break-up.

I couldn't cry because I had cried too much. I loved him. Why can't he see it? I told him everyday that I love him. And he just didn't love me back. He took me for a ride. Just an outlet for him to pass his time until he graduated.

The slimy part was he wanted to stay as friends. And he dated a girl from a camp he went to. I still couldn't forget him at that time and this hurt a lot. Plus, he said icky stuffs like the fact that I was better than his new flame, hugged me all the time and all. One day, I decided to move on and started dating my current boyfriend which is a year younger than me. My boyfriend is everything to me now.

This ex of mine started to call and text me to go for an outing. I had to decline everytime he enquired me. I thought that maybe we could just go having some time as friends. It turned out that he commented insultingly about my current boyfriend. I bitched at him all at once and all of his friends knew about it. They were asking me about it. I wished to not to talk about it anymore. Eversince then, he had been out of my sight. Unseen, unheard of.

I heard he is being very lame now. So stupid.


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