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I miss her laugh, touch, smile and hug

grade 11 i went to a new school in my city were all of my good friends were . i met a nice, sweet and beautiful girl. we ened up dating for almost about 2 years. she took my breathe away everytime i seen her and we didn everything together. We were in love theres no hiding that. this year 2008 in Auguest she broke up with me i was soo hurt , she said she didn't have the same feelings for me. i took it hard and we had kinda of a rough break up after that. She changed a hole lot i still see her everyday. she tried dating a guy that was 3 years older then her, he was bad news been with lots of girls(sex wise) a cheater and a player. It didn't last longer then a week. the worst thing is she turned to him when we broke up and she feel for him and i just had this feeling that they were talkin before we broke up but she deny's it. we barely ever talk much anymore we in a class together and hang out with the same peoeple she somtimes acts like who are you. i havent felt the same since i feel kinda used and gross because she went that low, I cared soo much for the girl and prob no matter what happens i probaly will always and i would do anything for her. I miss her and i miss her laugh, touch,smile and hug :'(


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