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I'm done with him

Me and my ex dated for 4 years. it was the best time ever we could sit and talk for hours together and we would fight but we would make up and we would always get closer every time.I loved him like crazy at one point i knew he loved me the same way that i loved him.Then all this nonsenxe had to happen he just started drifting away and kept telling me it was me who was walking away.I waited for him no matter what situation he would change his status on fb to single or talk to some random girl who i didnt even know and wouldnt let me look at his phone like he was hidding something. i said forget i will just trust him and i would always take him back make him feel that i was always there for him as a friend and as a lover.We broke up one time and he said he wanted to date other women after 4 years you telling me this great!and after that i didnt bother and i was just getting to know this other guy and thought i had feelings for him somehow and my ex was so jealous he kept calling saying he wanted me back so typical but like always i went back to him but this time it was different we would laugh,cry,talk and just love each other he made time for me it was like he was crazy bout me this time i thought it would be different and then when he found out that me and this other guy that i met when we wernt together were very close to doing stuff but it didnt happen i couldnt i was thinking bout him thats why i went back to him and then cause of all this he wants us to break up i tried to convience him to stay but he didnt,i find out the very next day that he is dating some one else and he coudnt even tell me i had to see him with her hugging her kissing her and holding her hand.how could he do this to me ?how could he ? did he even know what i felt like ?i just should have walked away and not even spoken to him even again.but we said we could be friends and we could but we suddely were alone one time and we got to kissing and stuff and this happened a couple of times and he would say all that he missed me he loved me...blaa... but he cant leave his girlfriend for me cause she is to innocent and she is completly in love with him and im stuck in between he can move on had have a good life whatever he wants why does he do this he know im gonna take him back that why and that im only gonna love him there is no one else i could actually be with. im not over him but im not gonna run after him or any guy cuz i will get over these feeling one day and im not gonna date some one and hurt them if im not over him. i dont wanna be some one he can just do and leave.he has done it so many times be4 im so tired of this.if he really wanted me he would show it he would do anything to be with me and would atleast try he didnt even why sohould i bother i have done enough for him and im done with him.


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