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Clocked him again

i was dating this guy for 4 yrs. he was my high school sweetheart. we moved in together a year after graduation and everything was going fine until that dreadful day. I went to work like usual, but unfortunatly got sick and left early. I was only there for like an hour and came home. I had my sister come over to drop off some tylenol and she sat with me for a while to make sure i was ok. We were in the kitchen when my boyfriend came home and he wasnt alone. me and my sister stayed quiet in the kitchen and waited to see what he was going to do. that bastard took that girl into the bathroom and proceeded to show her the shower if you know what i mean! I was mad. I didn't know what to do so i didnt do anything for like 5 min.my heart was beating and i was on the verge of crying because i was so angry. I finally went in there and told him to get his butt out of the shower and cover himself up. he wasnt even surprised. he just said ok and i left the room. 5 min later he still wasnt out of the bathroom so i went back in there, still upset, and he was STILL DOING HER!! i dont think that i will ever be able to get that vision out of my head. I went in there and saw that and i couldnt help myself, i just went crazy. I punched him right in his big fat head. she got scared and got out of the shower, hurrying this time to put some clothes on. He got up and i walked out of the bathroom. I let them collect themselves and when they exited the bathroom i was calmly waiting. I sat down with her and started to talk to her about what was she thinking after i told them the first time to get out. he came over and calmly sat down and proceeded to give us his imput but i didnt want to hear it and clocked him again. i showed her the way out and his stuff was on the front lawn when he woke up. never again!


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