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Sucka fo love!


I'm such an idiot, a real big dummy. i let love in, and then it goes right back out. i think it's here to stay, but only lookin fo a one night stand. a real big loser. you think you could give love away, but it aint that easy. most people aint ready fo yo kind of love. makes it hard fo them to love you the same way. a str8 foo fo love. someone could tell me they love me now, i'd prolly say i love you too! im stupid, i know, dat same person done loved you fo awhile and now they out the door. im like a hotel. stay with you fo a minute and bounce right back out when they done wit you. why were we giving feelings? what i do so wrong, that i get what i get? i mean why does love bother me, i try to embrace it, but i always get screwed in the end. am i so bad? am i really in need of someone to love me? i mean love, it's so easy to say, it's so easy to write. the hard part is actually doin and showin it. but it dont matta, life goes on. ima prolly be sittin here the next time someone tell me the love me, imma prolly be up here like awwwwwwwww! I LOVE YOU TOO! love, lol! im a sucka fo love!


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