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Never take him back

This is kinda old and....well it doesn't sound good when I put it down on paper so I won't use dates.
A while back I lived in California, geto California. I went to a geto school, in a geto county, inside a huge geto city. The only good thing about living there was that my mom had lived there when she was my age so she trusted me completly there. I moved there in the middle of the year from another school. I made friends really easily since i lived in a well known neighborhood, my mom worked long hours so i went to a well known day care (that wasn't like any day care anybody usually send their kids to but it WAS the geto) in a matter of time my name was all over school. I didn't mind since nobody started rumors about me, they had no reason to I was nothing to be jealous of. Soon though i had a boy who was totally crazy about me. We were friends for a while and he helped my with some of the "rules" of La Harbra, but then once again my family was on the move and we moved away. We stayed in touch for a while but eventually our e-mails ceased. We didn't talk for a year of two and suddenly he started e-mailing me more. Updating me on the activity's of the big city, and i responded with the boring little details of a small town. After a while he liked me again. He was one of my best friends again, and he was really, super bouper sweet so when he asked me out I said yes, and so we started our long distant relationship. After a while we both got really sick of the distance and he convinced his mom to bring him to my tinny town to see h9is aunt (and me). That helped things for a while but then we both got really sad about the distance again. Suddenly I got a call from one of my California friends who I barly ever talked to. She was crying and telling my that my bf was cheating on me and she felt so bad from keeping it from me. I immediately broke up with my bf. Then he e-mailed me saying he only cheated on me so he could pretend she was me. That SICKENED me since she was PREGNANT! I never took him back to say the least. I still keep in touch with my other friends, and he was kinda the star that guide me towards my current bf. The LOVE OF MY LIFE. In some ways I wanna thank him for giving my this experience but i know i would never take him back.


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