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Not a tower of support

I have been with this guy for three years, we have a son together but he says that he loves him but he show no interest as a father should he boast about him though with his family and friends. Although he gave moneary assistance during the pregnancy and after he wasnot enthusatic about fatherhood and shy away us. He didn't respect me as a women one time during my pregnancy we went to KFC I couldnt eat fast but he finish before me and threatening me to hurry up and eat- I told him to go as I know my way however he continued doing so.. He started choking me so I said to him kill me kill me cause I am not afraid of you he eventually stop and told me that there many women out there him can get.. I started crying cause I couldn't get along with my family at the time and he was to be my tower of support or so I thought. Anyway the when the baby came he would visited and spend like 3 hours or less. One day I was surprise to see him at home as he should be at work - he came for the baby which was only 1 month at the time and took him out without inviting me as I did not get out much and would love the drive out. He started coming for the baby like on weekends and on holidays without offering an invitations to me but we still talk normal than ever before and I noticed a calm in him. When I start to work I a got lonely and were back together but all he wanted was to have SEX and I wanted more than that- he told me that he was seeing this younger girl and that he didn't want to lose either of us. One day he came to pick up the baby and in the process of following him to the car he kept telling me to go in the yard which i didn't he started choking me and I bite him - he drag me and push me backward i hit my spine and called me names - i flung stones at him which he cite. afterwards he walked back ward towards the car and when i looked there was a female in the car - I laughed after the IDIOT!! No tears needed as I shocked at his behaviour!


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