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Dating a bad boy

So I use to date this guy that I truly love with all my heart for about 3 years. We had to go through many things to be together, he's kind of a bad boy but I wanted him anyway. So about 3 years ago I went to his house and I saw a picture of a girl and a baby in his house, I didn't ask about it but he actually laughed and that the baby in the picture was his, but eventually he said he was playing I shook it off and he never said anything about the baby again for the next 3 years. I guess it was the love that blinded me because over the years I heard that he had a kid, so I asked him and he said no I even questioned him about his tattoo that said "Mya" and he said it was his nieces name. So once again I shook it off. I was kind of tired of the rumors and things so I separated from him but we still talked a lot and still were in love so I thought, he told me that he didn't have a girlfriend or anything and we should really get back together. I thought about it, we even talked about having a family of our own. But the other day me and my sister happened to go over to where he lives his "block" and he was there and so was his BABY MOTHER who was pregnant and his DAUGHTER MYA who was 3. I didn't know what to do, what to say I was shocked but I didn't show it I didn't even speak to him. I felt hurt, but not shocked or as mad as I thought I would be I guess because I expected this. That's what you get for dating a bad boy, and even thought I love him we I know we can no longer be together he lied about his kids and any man who lies to me is not for me.


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