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My ex is still a liar

I started dating a guy Dec 2006 and the end of January I found out he cheated on me with his ex that had cheated on him 4 different times. I found out cuz his phone rang and her number came up...then a text message came up with I love and miss you. I was sooo pissed and hurt. I confronted him, broke up with him, and left. For 2 weeks he kept emailing me, calling me, and texting me with I just need time....please give me time. Well I come to find out that he is telling his ex the same thing. I confront him again and told him that he can have her....that I was done!!! Well the next day was Valentine's Day and he showed up with flowers, candy, and a teddy bear. We went to lunch and talked and I decided to give him antoher chance. I had trust issues with him and told him that he needed to earn my trust back. Well a year and a half went by and things were ok. Then the night before Mother's Day of 2008 he started a fight with me for no reason at all. I was so confused. Well Mother's Day we had plans.....he stood me up to work a concert. I was sooo mad. I found out the next night that he had been walking around with another girl and it looked like they were together. He called me and told me it was just a rumor that the guy spreading it was mad at him and just trying to start s$%t. I tried to believe him but had my suspicions. He kept picking fights with me and avoiding me and acting really wierd. I had a miscarriage May 17th (I didn't know I was pregnant) and when I tried calling him I got his voicemail. I tried calling him 15 times with no response. He finally called me at 2:30am. I first started calling him at 7:00pm. He couldn't even come see me. I found out later (like a week) that he was out with another girl that night. He cheated on me AGAIN!!!! I dumped him and he spent the next month trying to get me back. There was no way I was doing that. I shouldn't have done it the 1st time. I found a really great guy and I couldn't be happier....and my ex is miserable and still a liar.


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