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Fairy tale love

So it was a fairy tale love at first sight kind of thing... We met at disneyland and we spent a lot of time together and we fell in love that day... We talked constantly on the phone like non stop...It was the best thing that has ever happened to me...it was a long distance relationship I lived 345.4 miles away from each other...(We looked it up on map quest) kind of lame I know everything about him he knew everything about me... That means everything including my not so clean past but everyone has a past right??? Anyways we were dating for a year and 3months big deal for me since that my longest relationship was 3 months. And we had our problems he controled me a lot and my parents didn't like it but I liked it he motivated me to do better.and they always wanted me to break up with him I never did I loved him to much... I got into some trouble with my friends and was sent to my older sisters house like 85 miles. Away from the one I love. And we saw each other more. But I went to a brand new school and met new ppl and I'm almost 18 I needed my space but I didn't date anyone and we talked like we were still dating and then I got into trouble with my new friends of where I was at... My sister who I live with called him up that night and now I think he wants nothing to do with me and if I contact him I will get into trouble... So I can't but I really want to know if he still loves me...


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