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Excuses, lies, and avoidance

I met a younger man the day my divorce was final in late Spring. We started off as friends and the relationship grew into a situation where we were together daily. Although I had concerns early on regarding the 10+ year age difference he went out of his way to tear down my fears. Then one day, his actions changed. He went out of town for two days and did not call. He said his phone did not get reception. It made me suspicious. I checked his phone and there were several calls and text messages during this same two day period. When confronted he said that it was an ex girlfriend that was now a good friend. We moved passed that and now its August and when we onced saw each other regularly turned into excuses, lies and avoidance. I wanted to end it but couldn't because we had a business in development on the table. I tried to work through it. In September, I ran across another text that struck me as odd and confronted him and it turns out that he has another woman pregnant and she is due in November. Although this was before me, he lied through ommission. Needless to say the rest of September and October have been very stressful. We broke up and two days later he had another woman, not the ex girlfriend or the girl who was pregnant in his bed and had spent the night. I was livid, that he could disrespect me or what I thought we had like that so soon. I called the pregnant girl and told her to come over and meet at his place because I felt he had been lying to her too. Sure enough, by her account, he had her thinking they were going to have a life together and raise their child. To me he had dogged her out and said some mean and horrible things about her and the paternity of her unborn child. That situation turned into an adolescent he say she say battle. I was caught in the middle and didn't know what to believe. The pregnant female told me very intimate details regarding my business and current activity that she could have only gotten from him. I stood by the pregnant female and ended our relationship. I was concerned because he already has two kids one 2 and the other 1 and now another one on the way. He can't afford the two he has. A few weeks later, we had to go out of town on business and ended up sharing a room to reduce expenses. We had such a great time sight seeing and the business was great, I had a moment of weakness and we were intimate again. I checked his phone while he was in the shower and saw a message from the so called ex-girlfriend saying she wanted to end it, she could not do this anymore. When confronted he again lied and said she wanted to get married and he didn't thats why they are not together. I just left our relationship as friends at this point because it was just too much drama. During one of our arguments he told me he loved me and did not want to loose me. I was weak and fell for it. When he was caught again in a lie, and I threw the L word back up at him, he said he only meant that as a friend. Funny. I am over him in the relationship mode, however, we have business. I have never spoken to the ex girlfriend but I want to call her because I don't think she knows what is really going on and I am afraid that maybe he has made some more promises or committments regarding my business that may put me at a disadvantage later. My concern is that this speaks to his character and ultimately represents my business in which trust is key to the delivery of our products. I don't want him representing my business and using it as a vehicle to manipulate or otherwise degrade women, as it is a reflection on me. I want to exclude him totally but cannot at this time. After our break up, I found downloaded phone contents of his antics and believe he was using me and my company all along. I am angry because it didnt have to be this way. I told him from the begining I didn't want this and he pushed the issue and the relationship grew. I know if I call the girl it may ruin the business relationship totally but at this point there isn't much of a business relationship because we cannot communicate. It would be best if he just quit and walked away but there is no chance at that without the right provocation.


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